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The configuration of stars especially at one’s birth in astrology determines one’s fate or status in life. 

Are you looking for the best astrologer in Jammu to get guidance for your future? Look no further than Astro-Healer Vikram , the renowned astrologer and Vastu consultant.

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Best Astrology Services In Jammu And Kashmir & India By Astro-Healer Vikram

If you are looking for best Astrology services you must meet Astrohealer Vikram. He is publicly known as Vikram Jyotishi . Astrologer Vikram has great name in Astrology and Healing. He has helped hundred and thousands of people to find right way in their life in the midst of the stormy time.

He is polished astrologist with a great experience of 18+ years. He has Solved various problems which are hard nut to crack. He can solve any  trouble with his expertise in making ones life worth living. He makes things easy for everyone. He is a famous astrologer in India.

He is expert in Janamkundli , Horoscope matching, Numerology , Vastu, Nameology, Dream interpretation ,Gemology ,Rudraksh healing . He solves problems like Family disputes, Relationship disputes, Property disputes, Progeny problems, Education and Profession problems, Health problems, Love and Marriage problems / Martial disputes problems , Debts and litigation, Business problems, Wealth problems, Profession and job problems, Spritual problems.

He is not only best astrologer in Jammu and Kashmir but also in India. You must meet Astrohealer Vikram, he will definitely suggest and assist in solving your problems.

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Payment Structure for services

Astrology Consultation :

(Rates For Outside India May Vary Please confirm Before Appointment.)

  • Book online appointment @60 ₹ per minute.

  • Book online Astrology appointment @1000₹ valid for 40 min.

  • Book offline appointment @ ₹2000 valid for 50 min.

  • Book online Tarot Card appointment @500₹ per question or upto 5 questions in ₹1000, upto 7 questions in ₹1500,upto 10 questions ₹2000.

  • Book online numerology consultation @1000 ₹ for 40 min appointment.

  • Book online name correction numerology appointment @3000₹ valid for 50 min.

  • Book online appointment for life issues Coaching/Counseling @1500.

  • Book offline appointment for life issues Coaching/Counseling @₹2500.

  • Book An Year Long Appointment @21000. (detailed kundali analysis longitudinal study) – Two Meetings Per Months.

Vaastu Consultancy

  • Vaastu for home offline ₹20000-₹30000 per floor. Vaastu for home online ₹15000. Healing fee according to intensity of problems.

  • Vaastu for shop offline ₹20000, Vaastu for shop online ₹15000. Healing fee according to the intensity of problem.

  • Vaastu for plot offline ₹20000-30000. Vaastu for plot online ₹15000.

  • Vaastu for factory offline ₹40000 – 1.5 lakh.
    Online ₹40000 only.

Numerology Consultancy

  • For numerology templates
    Book online numerology consultation @1000 ₹ for 40 min appointment.
  • Book online name correction numerology appointment @3000₹ valid for 50 min
  • Learn numerology
    Part A(beginners course)15 lectures
    Part B(professional course)40 -50 lectures

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