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The configuration of stars especially at one’s birth in astrology determines one’s fate or status in life. Best Astrologer In Jammu – Astro-Healer Vikram. 

Are you looking for the best astrologer in Jammu to get guidance for your future? Look no further than Astro-Healer Vikram , the renowned astrologer and Vastu consultant.

Best Astrologer In Jammu

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Why Astro-Healer  Vikram is The Best Astrologer In Jammu

Astro-Healer Vikram stands as the epitome of astrological excellence in Jammu. He is the best astrologer in Jammu.

With unparalleled expertise in Vedic astrology, Vikram’s accurate predictions and personalized guidance have garnered him the reputation of being the best astrologer in the region.

His ethical practices and transparent consultations have fostered trust among a loyal clientele. Seekers find solace and direction in Vikram’s profound wisdom and compassionate approach.

For those in search of cosmic insights, Astro-Healer Vikram is the definitive choice in Jammu. Embrace the transformative power of celestial guidance with the premier astrologer, Astro-Healer Vikram.

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Best Astrologer In Jammu And Kashmir & India Astro-Healer Vikram

If you are looking for best Astrology services you must meet Astrohealer Vikram. He is publicly known as Vikram Jyotishi . Astrologer Vikram has great name in Astrology and Healing. He has helped hundred and thousands of people to find right way in their life in the midst of the stormy time.

He is polished astrologist with a great experience of 18+ years. He has Solved various problems which are hard nut to crack. He can solve any  trouble with his expertise in making ones life worth living. He makes things easy for everyone. He is a famous astrologer in India.

He is expert in Janamkundli , Horoscope matching, Numerology , Vastu, Nameology, Dream interpretation ,Gemology ,Rudraksh healing . He solves problems like Family disputes, Relationship disputes, Property disputes, Progeny problems, Education and Profession problems, Health problems, Love and Marriage problems / Martial disputes problems , Debts and litigation, Business problems, Wealth problems, Profession and job problems, Spritual problems.

He is not only best astrologer in Jammu and Kashmir but also in India. You must meet Astro-Healer Vikram, he will definitely suggest and assist in solving your problems.

Burst Misery

“Experience Happiness In Life”

In the realm of celestial insights and cosmic guidance, finding an authentic and proficient astrologer can be a transformative experience. In the enchanting city of Jammu, Astro-Healer Vikram stands tall as the beacon of celestial wisdom, earning him the reputation of being the best astrologer in the region.

Unveiling the Mastery

Astro-Healer Vikram possesses an unparalleled mastery of Vedic astrology, a sacred science that has been passed down through generations. His deep-rooted knowledge and profound understanding of planetary influences have helped countless individuals navigate the complexities of life.

Accurate Predictions and Holistic Guidance

What sets Astro-Healer Vikram apart is his uncanny ability to provide accurate predictions. His insights have provided solace to those grappling with life’s uncertainties. Whether it’s matters of career, relationships, health, or finance, Vikram’s astute observations and precise predictions have brought clarity and direction.

A Personalized Approach

One of the hallmarks of Astro-Healer Vikram’s practice is his personalized approach to each consultation. He takes the time to understand the unique circumstances and aspirations of his clients, ensuring that the guidance provided is tailored to their specific needs. This bespoke approach fosters trust and establishes a deep connection between the seeker and the astrologer.

Ethical Practices and Integrity

Astro-Healer Vikram places a strong emphasis on ethical practices and integrity in his consultations. He believes in empowering individuals with knowledge rather than fostering dependence. This commitment to transparency and ethical conduct has garnered him a loyal clientele who vouch for his authenticity.

A Beacon of Hope

In a world filled with uncertainties, Astro-Healer Vikram emerges as a beacon of hope, illuminating the path forward. His profound wisdom and compassionate demeanor provide comfort to those seeking answers to life’s most pressing questions.

Astro-Healer Vikram’s reputation as the best astrologer in Jammu is well-deserved, given his unparalleled expertise, accurate predictions, and personalized approach. With him, seekers find not just an astrologer, but a trusted guide on their journey through life. To experience the transformative power of celestial insights, a consultation with Astro-Healer Vikram is nothing short of a revelation. Embrace the cosmic wisdom and embark on a journey of self-discovery with the best astrologer in Jammu.

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Payment Structure for services

Astrology Consultation :

(Rates For Outside India May Vary Please confirm Before Appointment.)

  • Book online appointment @49 ₹ per minute.

  • Book online Astrology appointment @1000₹ valid for 40 min.

  • Book offline appointment @ ₹2000 valid for 50 min.

  • Book online Tarot Card appointment @500₹ per question or upto 5 questions in ₹1000, upto 7 questions in ₹1500,upto 10 questions ₹2000.

  • Book online numerology consultation @1000 ₹ for 40 min appointment.

  • Book online name correction numerology appointment @3000₹ valid for 50 min.

  • Book online appointment for life issues Coaching/Counseling @1500.

  • Book offline appointment for life issues Coaching/Counseling @₹2500.

  • Book An Year Long Appointment @21000. (detailed kundali analysis longitudinal study) – Two Meetings Per Months.

Vaastu Consultancy

  • Vaastu for home offline ₹20000-₹30000 per floor. Vaastu for home online ₹15000. Healing fee according to intensity of problems.

  • Vaastu for shop offline ₹20000, Vaastu for shop online ₹15000. Healing fee according to the intensity of problem.

  • Vaastu for plot offline ₹20000-30000. Vaastu for plot online ₹15000.

  • Vaastu for factory offline ₹40000 – 1.5 lakh.
    Online ₹40000 only.

Numerology Consultancy

  • For numerology templates
    Book online numerology consultation @1000 ₹ for 40 min appointment.
  • Book online name correction numerology appointment @3000₹ valid for 50 min
  • Learn numerology
    Part A(beginners course)15 lectures
    Part B(professional course)40 -50 lectures

Astrology, the ancient science of interpreting celestial influences on human lives, holds the key to understanding our unique paths. It centers on the positions of stars and planets at the time of our birth, shaping our destinies in profound ways.

Who are Astrologers?

Astrologers are dedicated scholars of this cosmic discipline, drawing wisdom from years of immersive study. They offer insights and long-term guidance to those seeking to navigate life’s challenges, providing clarity in the face of celestial influences.

Services offered by Astrologers in Jammu

In the enchanting city of Jammu, astrologers like AstroHealer Vikram extend a diverse range of services, catering to various aspects of life:

  1. Love Problem Solutions: Love, an ineffable emotion, brings vibrancy to our existence. However, when love falters, emptiness may ensue. Astrologers, skilled in matters of the heart, offer solutions to rekindle lost happiness and restore harmony.

  2. Inter Caste Marriage Problem Solutions: In today’s progressive world, inter caste marriages are common. Yet, familial acceptance can pose a challenge. Astrology steps in as a guiding light, providing remedies and counseling, enabling couples to unite in love.

  3. Relationship Problem Solutions: Relationships form the cornerstone of our lives, be it spousal, familial, or otherwise. Astrologers adept in interpersonal dynamics offer bespoke solutions to mend and fortify these essential connections.

  4. Business Problem Solutions: Business ventures encounter highs and lows. Celestial influences sometimes steer businesses towards downturns. Astrologers, armed with mantras and gemstone recommendations, provide remedies to counter adverse cosmic effects.

  5. Money Problem Solutions: Financial stability is pivotal to well-being. Astrologers specialize in addressing financial woes, offering effective strategies to restore equilibrium and ensure prosperity.

  6. Health Issues: Good health is the bedrock of a fulfilling life. Astrologers, through their predictive abilities, can forewarn of potential health concerns, allowing for timely precautions and prevention.

  7. Education Problem Solutions: In the competitive landscape of modern education, parents face challenges in guiding their children. Astrologers step in to offer invaluable advice, fostering healthy parent-child relationships.

Choosing an Astrologer Online: A Guide to Safeguarding Your Trust

  1. Experience of the Astrologer: Seasoned astrologers bring a wealth of knowledge and honed skills to the table. While newer practitioners offer fresh perspectives, experienced astrologers instill trust through their proven track record.

  2. Expertise in Your Needed Field: Astrology encompasses various specializations, from mantras to gemstone recommendations. Ensure your chosen astrologer aligns with your specific needs for the most effective guidance.

  3. Feedback about the Astrologer: Reviews and ratings serve as virtual testimonials, offering insights into an astrologer’s expertise and client satisfaction. Opt for practitioners with a track record of positive feedback in your area of concern.

  4. Reputation of the Astrologer: Esteemed astrologers are revered for their knowledge and integrity. Seek out those who enjoy a respected standing in the community, as they are more likely to uphold your trust.

  5. Behavior and Communication Skills: Effective communication is paramount in astrology. Look for an astrologer who simplifies complex concepts and exhibits approachable behavior, creating a conducive environment for sharing personal concerns.


Astrology, a profound science rooted in ancient wisdom, offers invaluable insights into life’s journey. Choosing an online astrologer requires careful consideration of their experience, expertise, reputation, and communication skills. With due diligence, you can find a trusted guide like AstroHealer Vikram, ensuring that celestial influences steer you towards a brighter future.


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