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Astrology is a science to know cause and effects of actions done in past and present. It measures ones good or bad time it also measures strength and weakness.

Astrology is a science when it counts the movement of stars and it is art when someone applies his knowledge to read astrological chart.

Not exactly. The zodiacs, Nakshatras and planets provide different combinations in someone horoscope. so as to measure ones  good or bad karmic actions and their results.


Destiny is the result of someone bad or good action of past.

Astrology measures the same. Destiny can be improved by healing methods and by doing current karma intelligently.


People are healed in astrology by putting a method that deals with effect of past karma.

For example; if someone is suffering from debt or chronic health problems Mritunjay mantra anushthan helps in cancelling the ill effect of past Karma Actions.

Research Methods  used in Astrology are longitudinal research methods, observation methods and mathematical methods.

Astrology Services

Kundli Jyotish on DOB :

By reading your birth chart 12 major questions of life can be answered in general and your current astrological time and arrangement of stars and their effect can be understood in particular. If you don’t have D.O.B. or time then read Kundli Jyotish on Name.

Kundli Jyotish By Name

Kundli Jyotish by name is wonderful methods to know your good or bad time by nakshatras.

Prashan Jyotish 

If you come with particular question in mind that can be answered accurately by prashan jyotish.

Health Astrology

Health Astrology helps us to understand the causes or karma that brought or gonna bring particular or bundle of diseases that can be cured by astrology healing.

Career Astrology

In Career Astrology it is scrutinized on the basis of planets, zodiacs and nakshatras which type of career will be good ,it also sees why someone is stuck in career related issues or career growth.

Education Astrology

It measures the type and extent of education in ones horoscope. If Someone is stuck in educational growth it provide methods to shine in educational growth.

Wealth Astrology

Almost everyone wants wealth in life. Wealth astrology deal with measuring how much wealth one has and how much wealthy one gonna be. It also provide solutions to increase wealth.

Relationship Astrology

Good Relationships are backbone of social life. Relationship Astrology provides the measure of extent of good or bad relationships in ones life. It also provides method to improve relations and positive relations.

Marriage Astrology

It measures the extent of good or bad and types of marriage partner in ones life. It also tells how much marriages one is gonna do and what kind of spouse you will have in life. It also tells why someone marriage is stuck or blocked , it provide methods to cure, malafide marriage yogas.

Litigation, Debts Astrology

It deals with Litigation and debt, their causes and it provides healing method to cure the same.

Progeny / Santaan Astrology

It deals with issue of progeny for example why women is not conceiving or why there is a huge gap of time in children, or delay in birth of children.

Dream Interpretation

It offers interpretations and solutions of different dreams someone sees in sleep.

Business Astrology

In business astrology it is measured which business suits someone and how and what time is good for certain business.

Kundli Matching

Kundli matching service is  available with different solutions in matching problems and making appropriate decision for marriage.

Ghost Problems/ Bad Vibrations and air Problems

Get Solutions of the same if possessed by some stray energy.

Remedial Astrology

Solutions of various problems are given based on Vedic methods, Lal Kitaab Methods, Nath panth methods, Gemology And Rudrakh Methods.

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