Can I Wear Diamond ? Astro-Healer Talks

Can I wear diamond?

Hi I am astrologer and life coach ,spare 5 minutes and read the article whether you can wear a diamond or not .ln Astrology and Gemology under following conditions one can wear a diamond.

If someone ascendant sign is Taurus or Libra one can wear diamond ,it will give you good health physical appeal, luster on your face ,good luck, very good voice and very good personality however wearing diamond may have little variation in personalities in Taurus and Libra respectively.

For wealth :if Venus lies in second house (excluding zodiac sign virgo )or it lies in 11th house wearing diamond would give good wealth.

If Venus lies in third house it represent Worldly self confidence and worldly might. wearing diamond would give worldly success in terms of good home, prosperity, cars, lands, foreign tours, beautiful wife, in modelling and in film industry.
If Venus lies in 5th house wearing diamond would give success in love matters very easily, it give success in modelling ,acting, fashion design, home making, vastu consultancy ,interior decorators public speakers etc

If Venus lies in 7th house excluding zodiac sign virgo it will give success in marriage matters, in laws will be very cooperative, wife will be beautiful, wearing diamond will make these features strong.

If Venus lies in 10th house excluding zodiac sign virgo, wearing diamond would give success in professions like acting modelling, sale of beautiful articles ,articles related with women, singers interior decorators etc these will shine and give success.

If you wish to wear diamond take an online session and I will tell you under what circumstances it should be weared so that it suits you in a certain way that gives you success in happiness.

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