My ascendant sign is Sagittarius can I wear yellow sapphire?

My ascendant sign is Sagittarius can I wear yellow sapphire? In what circumstances I can wear sapphire for wealth

Hi I am astrologer Vikram your question comes under broad heading of sapphire and wealth. yellow sapphire is called as pukhraj or push paraag in Urdu .it is called asphar and in Persian it is called as yakut. In gemology yellow sapphire is very esteemed and valuable crystal. it is used to provide excellent energizer for Jupiter wives. Jupiter is known for extraordinary energy of wisdom, common sense ,wealth, advisory ,research ,and blissful life, joyful life. If Jupiter is not placed good in your birth chart you might suffer from lack of wisdom common sense health wealth and blissful life .you need to find out from a learn astrologer what is condition of Jupiter in your birth chart and do the appropriate.Now your assendent sign is Sagittarius and Jupiter is placed in first house wearing yellow sapphire will give you extra ordinary personality you will have large friendship .if Jupiter is placed in 4th house wearing yellow sapphire would give you material and spiritual success. you will have big home ,big car and social respect. If Jupiter is placed in 5th house wearing yellow sapphire will give you good time in higher education and spiritual pursuits. It will give you good supporting friends also. If Jupiter is placed in 9th house it will give success in luck matters and family issues. Yellow sapphire will also help in boosting spiritual exercise. If Jupiter is placed in 11th house wearing a yello sapphire would give you good wealth. Do not wear yellow sapphire if Jupiter is placed in 6,8 or 12 house if you want to wear any how you must take advice of learned astrologer.

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